Our 3157 LED switchback turn signal bulb is made specifically for headlights. When in drive the bulb will lights as a super bright white light.  When  turn signal is engaged the LED's switch to AMBER and put out a vibrant Amber flashing turn signal.  What sets our bulb apart from others on the market is that our bulb uses a unique 24 LED  dual color chips.  With our bulbs all 24 LED's turn on Amber and White.  This makes our bulbs the brightest on the market.  Switch these bulbs from your halogen bulbs to give you that uniqe all white driving headlight.


SKU: 6410
    • 24 Dual color Amber/White LED's
    • 3157 wedge base
    • Specifically for Headlight turn signals
    • Plug N' Play
  • 6410

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